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The Business
It is our journey since 2003 into the business that has enabled us to understand all the do’s and most importantly the don’ts to conclude a long lasting and ever growing path for setting up the brick-n-mortar modal of offering non-academic courses for children of UKG onwards till VIII on Student ability and Learning skills.
Our school platforms are limited to conventional education modal have nearly negligible possibility of offering programs of student ability and learning skills. This creates a space for non-school educational market to find space in open market to reach to needs of parents and children.
These courses are offered through established classrooms over a population of 20,000 to 25,000 people with a target student strength 4000 to 5000 children with a capacity to service students in 6 batches of 12-18 students each on Saturday and Sunday.
These classrooms are to be identified and selected at any Play School or a Work from Home Tutor or with Educated Housewives/Couples in the desired area to add an advantage of having a succession of student foot fall at these locations.
Courses Offered: (1) Abacus, (2) Vedic Math, (3) Handwriting Improvement in phases
Initially and mostly emphasis will be on promoting Abacus course and Abacus course plays major role, acting as a back bone for its unique feature as long-term (2year) program for children and scientifically and time proven activity for kids.
Other programs are of short-run time frame ranging between 2 to 3 months for children will be offered across the year at special periods of vacations or as the case may be in a year.
The Team
We are team of professional headed by mentor working since 1996 in education. We are exposed to business development activities of Educational Courses working for various brands promoting various courses through strategizing it with market Conditions.
It was in the year 2003 that our mentor took up the challenge of setting up first of it kind Abacus Classes in Delhi & Rest of North India into a very unorganized sector of co-curricular activities for children of UKG onwards till VIII. Wherein, it started with establishment of network abacus classes. It all started with Abacus in 2002 and then Vedic Math in 2008 found some place along with Handwriting Skills in 2009 and now and in recent past be sure much more to come in future.
This exposure with intellect helped us to work all stages of growth of business under his hands with an opportunity to successfully handle situations and challenges of business development.
Today, we have evolved with time as Mentors for many in creating and mobilizing market for out of the box-NON ACADEMIC COURSES FOR LEARNING SKILLS & STUDENT ABILITY OF CHILDREN IN UKG ONWARDS TILL VIII.
………Your Role
Classrooms are outlets as final place for delivering courses to students. Identification of these classroom location is of key importance with an efficient ability to reach target audience in the core of 20,000 to 25,000 population.
Appointment of these classrooms will be through associating with you to add an advantage of preceding student-parent foot fall.
It will be the responsibility of the appointed classroom owner to prepare and maintain classroom infrastructure.
Teachers cum Course Moderators
Teachers appointed for the job are of core importance as they are the ones who will be front lining are face of business. Major role of this team of trainers at classroom locations to (1) moderate between the services and walk-in parents for organizational goal (2) and manage instructions and training of children over skills of Abacus and other courses.
A qualified Graduate with early child education expertise along with teaching experience and a personality with strong communication skills, self confidence and go getter are appointed.
A rigorous 20 days training will be provided to groom these candidates to bridge gap before sending then to the front of business line.
Key Questions?
Why would it interest parents to join-in?
A definite need to support children in education is need of nearly every parent and mostly having negligible choices except home tuitions leaves parents thirsty for solution.
A subtle and long-term solution for the same is nothing but improvement in learning ability and mental skills and study habits. Unavailability of any such program leaves them with no choice but to be silent.
A program like Abacus works well as transition support to parent.
Who qualifies as our Target Customers?
Every educated parents specially educated and are personally aware and believe in healthy all-round growth of children and understand the strength of creative mental abilities for future success of their children in future.
All those who want children to excel in Math for a better career prospects tomorrow in Commerce and Science.
And those whose children lack interest and success in math in tender years of their school education.
Unavailability of many players in the market creates only option for us as a choice.
Cumulative impact of all promotion activity is to impact prospective families every month for sourcing least required inquiries for the course.
Promotion for Admissions
On-Ground promotions are very effective medium to reach up-to your target audience directly with one on one approach to educate them about what you have to offer to them. A well sorted plan is most can help any visionary to reach its target specially for alike business modals.
Online Promotions
Online is ‘IN’, today smart phone in everybody’s hand has made reaching people very effectively and cost effectively. Obvious means of platforms for reaching to target audience via google, facebook, twitter etc. along with placement for availability at Just Dial, Urban Pro, Urban Clap, Quikr, OLX etc.
Today; Abacus Classes Business
It is important here to mention history with facts of past to understand scenarios today and potential of tomorrow.
It was the years 2002/2003 conventional courses market of unstructured non-academic types of dance, music, acting, art etc. appended with penetration Abacus classes across country through various brands in domestic market.
Working Modal for all these brands is very much similar to each other. It is to appoint franchisees on Work from Home Modal to render Abacus classes.
It is important to mention that Abacus Classes are offered to student group/batches on once a week class pattern of 2 hours. And the business was to cater to the needs of students in the vicinity of 3000-5000 households.
Most companies have no method of on-ground marketing support for its channeled network of franchisees. As the selection of franchisees is majorly based upon their financial ability to pay franchisee fee along with some space at home to create a classroom. This lack of on-ground support for promotional activities created a major gap between student admissions and aspirants of business as Abacus trainers.
Year 2007/2008 was the year of mushrooming centers of training for Abacus along with Vedic Math and Handwriting Improvement finding place along with Abacus Classes. "It is important to know here that market welcomed both the programs well enough to confirm the need of non-academic courses for students’ ability and learning skills enhancement".
Mushrooming which was not their initially and had now find space due to some major incidences in changing market scenario. Major events were breaking of edtablised teams. This helped many center owners to with average or less students to find opportunity of getting out of lathargic franchised network of many to save major payouts in the name of royalties, fee and other charges and dusatisfaction of working without any support.
As well this mushrooming allowed many Tom, Dick & Harry with little or no knowledge to enter into the business. Initially this transition was well supported by favorable market conditions of goodwill earned by Abacus by the works of previous players as such but later dilution of quality standards of training, price war strategies of untrained/inexperienced. This lead to a very slow decline of this training business, which took its time to final reach at its lowest level.
Today, market witnesses few national players and fewer independent trainers surviving on what is left for the courses popularity by name for people around them. Major draw back with these player in the business is always been their inexperience in finding that hidden need amongst every parent around them through just promotional, marketing and awareness campaigns and delivery of course as per expectations of parents and students.
Major cities are generally with a population of 97% urban sector with 20% child population living is going to school and studying in UKG onwards till VIII, this creates a huge market for our courses. Just for the sake of numbers a minimal market share means thousands students. Which means to train these minimal students you require a training school/center/facility with classrooms for catering to the need of students to the fullest capacity at classroom of 12 students in 6 batches on Saturday and Sunday.

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