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How Abacus Math of Mind Skills Benefit?

BENEFIT of learning Abacus

DEVELOPMENT OF NUMBER APPTITUDE: Abacus calculation skills training course not only educates children on operating Abacus but also develops their skills for large numbers Calculation and Mental Arithmetic. Numbers on Abacus are placed, formed an identified through the beads mounted on Abacus. Children position large numbers in the form of beads at various vertical rods at different places on Abacus to do calculations. So our students show superior results even dealing with big numbers while doing Mathematics.

UNDERSTANDING MATH BASICS: Abacus calculation skills training course deals with numbers and their usage through similar looking beads of Abacus, recognized as numbers by students, enables the power of understanding the basics of Mathematic in quantified form.

FAST AND ACCURATE MENTAL MATH: Abacus calculation skills training course is designed to provide skills to image and visualize Abacus into a children mind to perform learnt operations mentally. This is done through providing especially developed practice materials after learning each topic in the course, so to deliver the skills of Mental Arithmetic at various short intervals, this keeps children motivated to move ahead to higher degree in the course.

ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE: Abacus calculation skills training course has variety of activities which involves problem solving through oral dictation and problem solving through reading, these activities at various times are to be performed through operating Abacus manually and by operating Abacus as an imaged/visualized tool. These special activities involves the use of major sensory parts of our students like Eyes, Hands, Ears and Brain, so one need to be attentive by choice to complete these activities, while attempting these activities regular use of these sensory parts develops a co-ordination between them for a length of a time. This continuous effort of being attentive for longer time stimulates the ability to concentrate and our children show great results in every field with the developed ability to concentrate.

IMPROVES MEMORY: Abacus calculation skills training course skills Mental Arithmetic capability into students by training them to image a picture of abacus to visualize the arithmetic operations. This process stimulates image / visual / picture based thinking inside the brain. Children show great results in image based visual retentions like video or photo files stored in the brain and by manipulating this strength developed benefits their various other needs.

Improvement in Listening Skills: Abacus calculation skills training course helps to improve the information processing inside the brain by listening. In popular education system, our children gain knowledge in classroom by initially by listening to information, this process involves simultaneously activity getting the information and processing the information fast enough to keep up the pace of learning. Activities in our training have rigorous oral activities in a challenging atmosphere trains the brain to simultaneously listen to numbers then convert them into images and perform arithmetic operations for an accurate result, the speed at higher level goes upto listening to 4 numbers per seconds for time span of 30 to 40 seconds. Once trained like this brain adapts to method of speedily processing information inside for other endeavors.

Both Brain Co-ordination: Abacus calculation skills training course collaborate both brain capabilities, as it starts from numbers and logic of calculating on abacus to imaging the numbers into beads and visualizing the abacus operations inside brain to result for correct answers, whereas numbers and logics are dealt with left brain functions and imaging and visualizing is the function of right brain. This continuous role improves the network and communication between the two brains for whole brain stimulation.

Enhances Creative Intelligence: Abacus calculation skills training course helps to stimulates right brain, as it involves regularly imaging abacus to attempt mental arithmetic. Right Brain is the seat for creative intelligence and hence gets improved with regular stimulation of Abacus Training. Logic, Names, Lyrics and Sequential Thinking etc. is the job of left brain whereas Analysis, Faces, Foresight, Music and Spatial Thinking etc. is the job of right brain. Most children are born in our world with higher right brain usage capacity are turned world adult population of nearly 80% people using more of left brain, whereas most of intelligence in a person is due to right brain. This imbalance has created a shift of so many people being mastered by few. It is right time to understand the power of right brain and act accordingly.

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