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Abacus Course Plan

Abacus Course

Abacus training classes are conducted in group of students of 8 to 18 students depending upon their age and class they are studying. Abacus training Classes are equipped with a qualified and an expert trainer certified by Abacus Olympic Association along with Abacus training tools like White Board, Master Abacus, Flash Card and are conducted through unique P.I.D.V.D.P training delivery methodology.

Students are equipped with Abacus training tool along with Abacus Classroom Activities and Abacus Home Practice Activities after they successfully enrol for the course.

Children learning will have to attend a 2 hours activity session once every week, which is further supported by self-practice. A structured time tested method of delivering training classes enable children to perform Mind Math and gain confidence by improved Concentration, Memory, Listening, Reasoning, Logical, Focused and smarter brain functions.
Pre-Requisite for a Student;
  • Age : 4+ till 14/15 or Student of UKG till Class VIII
  • Course Duration
  • Class VI, VII, VIII grade : 8 Levels
  • Class III, IV, V grade : 9 Levels
  • Class UKG, I, II grade : 10 Levels
  • Level Duration : 3 Months
  • Class Frequency : 2 Hours, once a week

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