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STARTING-Abacus classes business

Own your Abacus unit
Abacus training businesses is respected worldwide for their unique ability to inculcate fast and accurate mental calculation ability and improving basic brain functions of Concentration, Visual Memory, Listening Speed, Logical & Reasoning Ability along with Creative Intelligence.
Those with zeal who are self driven, motivated and enjoy being with kids. Those who are Graduate in Arts/Commerce/Science.
Freedom to choose own working hours, customers, earnings scale unlimited.

Abacus - Why do we need it ?
Math begins with calculus and numerals. An approach in initial learning years play key role for children to be more friendly and loving math. Hidden magic is friendly environment with liking for math, training methods to be cognitive, sensing-feeling-knowing numerals with their behavior is what makes it a piece of cake.
"Our Abacus approach is a language which quants numbers for children to sense, feel and know"
And for some, fear of math is very common!
Researchers have found math anxiety as another Phobia!
So, it has to be dealt correct way. As it is with any other fear, you will have deal with it cognitively.
Not only the inability to handle calculus but the environment around as well adds to this fear.
Kids good with numbers and math of it in elementary classes continue to score high higher grades.
"Those choose to ignore and defend that our kids are okay but later nothing but they will surrender to their fear."
Numbers are increasing day by day of those choosing to study without Math narrowing their prospects in career and life. A society weak in dealing with numbers is a less intelligent and slow progressive compared to counter parts. Worlds pace is connected to numbers, our world has grown to today science by being pro-numeral ability.
"Our program is not only a cognitive method but as well a skill of handling fast and mental calculations"

Whose mistake, it is?
Mental Arithmetic, an ability to deal with calculations mentally has been appreciated since all times. Conventional school math education system has its own priorities with limitation to educate children in set time and calendar. It is these limitations that mental math skill development beyond bookish knowledge is overlooked. So educationists and parents are attracted by such supplementary education support to compliment main stream math understanding from other experts beyond school system. Fast mentally calculating skills for math brings comforts understanding it. Ability to calculate fast mentally is as well a parameter for smarter being. Those who find calculations easy and doable always love math.
This training system is the way and offers unmatched solution to any child and every child. This is a method of imaging and visualising numbers in quant and deal with its addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other operations mentally. Rather, it is an act of handling numerals by knowing them in their native form than seeing them as some drawn text.
"What else you can ask for? a mental calculation training method challenges children brain to improve its concentration, visual memory, listening speed, reasoning, logic, comprehension and offers right brain stimulations for creative intelligence."

How does it works?
Abacus classes are conducted in group of 8/10/12/15 students size. As it is with any other business classes are conducted at home or commercial unit. These classes are held once in a week for 2 hours followed by self study home practice of 10-15 minutes on each week day at home. Abacus program is a 8/9/10 level course for kids of age11+/8+/5 respectively. Each level is a consolidation of 13 week plan including testing/evaluation.
Abacus business induction is delivered in 3 intervals, which inducts spokesman ship on program features and benefits including development of business strategies and student training.
Tutoring activity can easily be promoted via mouth-to mouth publicity as slow addition to revenue. Expediting students admissions by creating local awareness with activities like news paper insertions, hand bill distribution, posters/notices and social media campaign at facebook, what’s app etc.

Business know-how & training
Starting Abacus business is all about knowing right practices. Offering Abacus classes is a local area business. Factors responsible for accumulation of students are awareness about Abacus benefits and availability of classes nearby. Our unique and specific method of consulting helps aspirants of business to execute just actions to be successful in this business.
We offer training in 3 parts i.e. Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3. Wherein, Module 1 induction covers knowledge of history, present relevance, scientific viability of Abacus for child’s all round development along with teacher training skills for up to Level 2/3/4 for 11+/8+/5+ aged children respectively continued with scientific development on marketing plans and local area specific promotion strategies and actions. Module 2 induction includes teacher training skills for 3rd to 6th / 4th to 7th / 5th to 8th levels for 11+/8+/5+ aged children respectively along with current and future oriented business plans. Module 3 induction includes teacher training skills for 7th to 8th / 8th to 9th / 9th to 10th levels for 11+/8+/5+ aged children respectively along with current and future business plans.
Our support system is continuous for our clients to offer any time any day online, telephonic and classroom support on re-training or doubt clearance and business discussion.
"We enable you setup your own brand in the business of Abacus Classes"

Earning & Potential
"Key to any business success and stability depends on market size, value it offers to customer, regular revenue potential and costumers reason to buy."
"Mental Math skill development training is need of 20% of population"
"Studies have revealed that 66% of parents are spending in children enrichment educational programs after school."
"Parents today are spending nearly 14% to 18% of monthly income on their children"
"It is a roughly estimated that yet around 0.2% are learning abacus. Enormous potential is yet awaiting for deserving to be tapped."
Student training fee offer you long term revenue from each child. Abacus skill development offers wide variety of topics to be mastered by students and respectful opportunity for earnings.
Civilization is evolving and parents today are keen to exploring skill development for their children at from tender years in this competitive world. Learning Abacus enhances fast and accurate mental calculation skills. It adds value over standard school education.
Come along in our journey! you may choose your own earning package, choice of your own working hours, freedom to choose your customer, freedom to create your own brand. GUARANTEED!
What else can you wish to choose a business for you !

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