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1 Abacus ; Abacusing Mind Math - India

Abacus Class / Abacus Franchise / Abacus Training and BUSINESS profitable with 1 Abacus 1 Abacus know-how brings a single point solution. We mentor, train and support for children to learn and trainers to teach and train. 1 Abacus works, research and experience since 2002 in Abacus training and classes business has evolved its expertise in witnessing changes in Abacus training alongside playing its key role in change at all times. Are you planning to be an entrepreneur of many or one training unit, our team has all the solutions, services and product available for just budget and guide you minimising the risk for sure and definite success.1 Abacus has it services alligned to help Start-Up and Business execution for all kinds of scale from setting up network or chain of training centers to initiating a single independent unit. ABACUS TOOL We manufacture Abacus tool for kids is a robust and high finish item available in 13 rods, 17rods and 21 rods variant. It is designed to meet worldclass standards. ABACUS BOOKS We publish Abacus book in-house for Abacus book sellers, Abacus book suppliers, Abacus trainers, Schools and anyone who need / buy Abacus books. ABACUS TRAINING SCHEDULE / CONTENT • Our expertise has evolved as educators and mentors of many Abacus trainers and companies. Major support to them is aligning classes to a schedule, we have been composing books and content of Abacus books as part of this process. • Our exposure of urban and rural education culture, national and international work experience of global academic culture allows us to understand student-parent expectation for ease of learning Abacus. This is why our content has been able deliver 100% guaranteed result. Despite all that we are not stiff, we know possibility of learning is indefinite, so we are open to more and more ideas and inputs from our customers and are open for customisation as per your needs. • We have all our creative and content expertise in-house, allowing us to serve just when you need it. ABACUS CLASSES BUSINESS TRAINING Success in any business is all dependent on how well you know to execute the job. Mentoring your Abacus classes business and Training our clients to be best Abacus trainer is our top-priority. Knowing to train rightway, interest catching practices and correct guidance at just time increases accuracy in Abacus math, is what that helps in delevering 100% results and ensures retainability. Our mentoring expertise grooms our clients to be prepared for knowing Abacus course to counsel or present course history, description and relevance for kids and parents to be well informed for signing-up with you. And we do it much before the challenge is placed in front of our clients. ABACUS PROMOTIONAL CREATIVES 1 Abacus creativity at back-end help you handle all your creative jobs starting from Course Brochures, Leaflets, Handbills, Facebook post, Short Video’s for all your promotional and marketing needs. ABACUS TRAINING MANAGEMENT Tracking training business activities is one of the biggest challenges, sytems and structures to record and rules to monitor progress to know scope pf improvement and maintaining growth is must and no business without such system would be able to justify its existence. 1 Abacus has all in place and ready for you at all times. ABACUS OLYMPIAD 1 Abacus through Abacus Olympic Association celebrates festival of speed and accuracy every year through its proprietory event ‘Abacus Olympiad’ 1 Abacus through its continuous endeavours for years have been successful in spreading benefits of Abacus for students and trainers worldwide. A pathbreaking step is to ensure the essence of Abacus forever through celebration on festival of speed and accuracy by way of Abacus Olympiad. We welcome all our students and trainer committed for Abacus essence every year to parcticipate in Abacus Olympiad festival.

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